I was a long-time resident of Madison, Wisconsin, where I have been an amateur photographer for many years. I now  reside in Tucson, Arizona. When I retired from my position as research scientist with the Agricultural Research Service, USDA, I took a more intentional approach to my photography. I converted from film to digital capture and learned post processing with Lightroom and Photoshop. Since then, photography has been my primary endeavor. I am a member of the Center for Photography at Madison where I have held various leadership positions. My wife, Margaret, who is also a photographer, and I displayed an exhibit of photos from Vietnam at the Madison Central Library and the University of Wisconsin Health Sciences Learning Center. We followed with an exhibit of landscape photos from Big Bend National Park titled Desert Solitude, which was shown at the University of Wisconsin Lowell Center and the Wall Street Bistro in Mazomanie, Wisconsin. I have also participated in many group exhibits, the most notable being an exhibit of Wisconsin landscapes with the Signature 7 group, which was shown at the Horicon Marsh Visitor Center and the Monroe Art Center, both in Wisconsin. I have self-published several books: Kaua'i, the Garden Isle; Spirit of Guatemala; Vietnam Journal; Trees; and I am a contributor to Wisconsin As We See It (all available at

Photographer's Statement

I love the natural world and travel, and these passions are reflected in my photography. I photograph the woods, fields, and waterways of Wisconsin and elsewhere, taking a broad (landscape) and closeup view of natural beauty. I do it because it helps me be active outdoors and to see subjects in depth and not just superficially. When I travel to other parts of the country or world, my camera is always with me. I am looking for subjects that say something about the people and their culture. With a camera in hand, it is easier for me to connect with others and discover their story. I work in both color and black & white. I convert the digital capture to black & white to emphasize the graphic nature or tonal range of the subject and when color does not seem to add much to the image. Next to composition, the quality of light is the most important element that I look for. I try to make images where the subject connects to me in some way, and my goal is to make an image that may cause an emotional response in the viewer.